How to register with BetLion

1. Click the "Register" button on the home page and fill in your details.

2. Upon successful registration, you will receive an SMS with your PIN that you will use to login to your BetLion account.

3. Log in with your phone number and PIN. You will now be able to go ahead and deposit and place bets.


How to deposit through the BetLion website

1. Ensure that you are logged into your BetLion account

2. Click "DEPOSIT" at the top of your page, enter the amount and click "DEPOSIT" again to confirm.

3. You will receive an approval request on your mobile phone to enter your Mobile Money PIN. Your account will be credited instantly.

 NB: If you do not receive an approval request, please dial *165*8*2# to        approve on MTN or *185*5*3*5# to manually deposit on Airtel (Reference – your registered phone number)


How to play

1. On our homepage, you will find a list of games available to bet on.

2. To place your bets, click on the odds beside the selection of your choice and it will be automatically added to the bet slip (The betslip can be found on the bottom right corner for mobile and top right corner for desktop)

3. If you would like to bet on other bet types such as under/ over, click on the button to the right of the odds. This is shown as +52. The number represents the amount of additional types of bets available

4. Once you have chosen all of your bets, input the amount on the betslip and click “BET NOW


How to withdraw

1. Once logged in, go to the account menu which can be accessed via the icon to the right of the deposit button.

2. Click on withdraw which can be found halfway down the list of options

3. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw (Minimum is UGX 5,000)

4. Click the WITHDRAW MONEY button and the requested amount will be sent to your mobile money account instantly

be sent to your mobile money account instantly